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Table of Contents. Le pictogramme devient fixe. Le pictogramme clignote. Page 13 Liebe Kundin, lieber Kunde!

Das Symbol blinkt. Das Symbol erlischt. Das Symbol leuchtet permanent. Page 23 Dear Customer, Congratulations! With your machine, you can make a wide range of drinks: espressos, coffees or ristrettos, completely au- tomatically. You can also make milk-based drinks such as cappuccinos. It has been designed so that you can enjoy restaurant quality coffee at home, whatever the time of the day and every day of the week. Page 24 Maintenance cycle in progress Malfunction: unplug the machine for ten seconds then plug it back in Install filter cartridge Rinsing cycle in progress Clean machine with KRUPS cleaning tablet Cleaning cycle interrupted Descale machine with KRUPS descaling sachet Descaling cycle interrupted Adjust the water hardness Enable automatic rinsing of the coffee circuit when the machine starts.

Page 26 Preparing the grinder You can adjust the strength of your coffee by adjusting how finely the coffee beans are ground.

Generally, the finer the coffee is ground, the stronger and creamier the coffee will be, but this also depends on the type of coffee used. Page Maintaining Your Appliance To prevent the milk from drying on the auto-cappuccino accessory, ensure that you clean it thoroughly. You are advised to wash it immediately by running a steam cycle with the accessory jug filled with water in order to clean the inside of the nozzle.

krups ea81 manual pdf

Page Other Functions Note : if you turn off or unplug your machine during descaling or if there is a power failure, the cleaning program will start from the beginning of the program once the appliance is restarted.

It is not possible to postpone this process. It is obligatory in order to rinse the water circuit. The coffee dispenses too Run one or several rinsing cycles. Met dit apparaat kunt u een grote verscheidenheid aan drankjes bereiden, van espresso of koffie tot ristretto, en dat volledig auto- matisch.

U kunt ook melkdranken bereiden zoals cappuccino. Het werd zo ontworpen dat u thuis van dezelfde kwaliteit kunt genieten als in een restaurant, op elk moment van de dag of week. Page 34 Spoelcyclus in uitvoering Gelieve het apparaat schoon te maken met een KRUPS-schoonmaaktabletje Schoonmaakcyclus onderbroken Gelieve het apparaat te ontkalken met een antikalkzakje van KRUPS Ontkalkingscyclus onderbroken Instelling van de hardheid van het water Programmeren van het automatisch spoelen van de koffie-uitgang bij het opstarten Page Bereiding Van Een Espresso Of Een Koffie Voorbereiding van de molen U kunt de sterkte van uw koffie aanpassen door de maalgraad van de koffiebonen aan te passen.

Hoe fijner de molen is afgesteld, hoe sterker en romiger uw koffie zal zijn. Dat hangt af van het gebruikte koffietype.Do you have a question about the Krups Roma EA or do you need help?

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Hello, Is there any way to reset krups ? Thank u. View the manual for the Krups Roma EA here, for free. This manual comes under the category Coffee makers and has been rated by 13 people with an average of a 8. Below, you will find the most frequently asked questions about the Krups Roma EA Is your question not listed? We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website.

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► Cleaning KRUPS Espresseria Auto Pisa EA815070 with capsule

How often should I descale my coffee maker? How often a coffee machine needs to be descaled depends on how often it is used and the hardness of the water. If hard water is used it is recommended to descale once a month, if soft water is used once a quarter is sufficient. What is the best way to descale my coffee maker?

Krups Roma EA8108 manual

To descale the coffee maker, it is recommended to use a liquid descaling agent which is labelled as suitable for coffee machines. What is espresso? Espresso is a small amount of concentrated coffee. How long can I keep coffee beans?

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The best-before date can be found on the packaging of the coffee beans. This best-before date applies as long as the bag is closed. What is the best way to store coffee? It is recommended to store coffee in an airtight and clean container. What does the grind say about the taste of the coffee?Libble takes abuse of its services very seriously. We're committed to dealing with such abuse according to the laws in your country of residence. When you submit a report, we'll investigate it and take the appropriate action.

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krups ea81 manual pdf

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Table of Contents.

Krups EA815 Manual

HOtline : 01 30 15 Installation de la cartouche filtrante. Cycle de nettoyage interrompu. Page 14 Le cycle de nettoyage : environ 10 minutes - Soulevez la grille repose tasse J. Page 22 Tips - The quality of the water strongly influences the quality of the aromas. Limescale and chlorine can alter the taste of coffee.

We recommend that you use the Claris Aqua Filter System cartridge, or water with low mineral content, in order to preserve all the aromas of your coffee.

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Page Control Panel Faulty operation: unplug the appliance for 20 seconds then plug in again. Installing the filter cartridge. Rinse cycle under way. Request to rinse the milk pot. Interrupted cleaning cycle.

Krups EA81 Handbuch Seite 26

Descaling cycle interrupted. Page 24 Water hardness setting. Programming the automatic rinse of the coffee outlets at machine start-up. Programming the period of non-use after which the machine will automatically turn off. Coffee temperature setting Preheating indicator. Choice of desired milk volume. A-B favourites Ability to save 2 coffee recipes and 2 cappuccino recipes.

Saving favourites A or B. Page Water Hardness - Place the ml container under the coffee outlets 7. Water hardness Water hardness is a high concentration of minerals, specifically of calcium, which is responsible for the formation of limescale.

Page Preparing Drinks - More or less aromas and power in the cup Adjusting the coffee outlet 10 For all drinks offered, you may lower and raise the coffee outlets depending on the size of your cup s. Page Preparing A Cappuccino Starting the preparation for 1 or 2 cups : 11 until the - Press the recipe choice key pictogram is displayed.

You may lower or raise the coffee outlets based on the size of your cup Page 29 Starting the preparation For a personalised cappuccino, the machine enables you to choose different volumes of milk and coffee, according to your preferences. Installing the milk pot on the machine Prior to first use, carefully clean the various elements. Saving a new favourite After your drink has stopped flowing, you may press the favourites key once to select favourite A or twice to Page 31 Cleaning the coffee circuit serves to combat residue, greasy coffee deposits and to preserve the aromas of your drinks.

To perform this cleaning, you will need: - 1 KRUPS cleaning tablet - 1 container minimum ml The cycle will link two phases Page 32 The cleaning cycle: environ 10 minutes - Lift the cup tray J.Do you have a question about the Krups EA or do you need help?

Ask your question here. Provide a clear and comprehensive description of the issue and your question. The more detail you provide for your issue and question, the easier it will be for other Krups EA owners to properly answer your question. After 2 years, my Krups is leaking. After each double cycle I have to empty the drip tray. Is this covered in warranty? Is there something I can do? What does it mean when a plug with up and down stokes come on the screen. View the manual for the Krups EA here, for free.

This manual comes under the category Coffee makers and has been rated by 8 people with an average of a 8. Is your question not listed? We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website.

If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. KR U PS. Ask a question. Phyllis, No comments 6. Answer this question Send. Rita Venturino, No comments 1. During process error Takes my attention off the app and onto the game, if you know what I mean. I got money and tickets when I open my account to start playing. Bet365 Sports review Get App.

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krups ea81 manual pdf

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